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Copy That Converts

Copy That Converts

No time to read the tip? Head straight for the end to grab your free resource to help you create copy that converts and makes you money.

If I’ve learned anything in the past five years of running a business, it’s that you better make time to do what you love. It still blows my mind how setting aside time for doing what you love leads to business growth.

As much as you love your business, we’re going to break down one of the most important parts of selling in today’s online world. As a pharmaceutical sales, rep this wasn’t a skill I used often and one I’ve had to invest to learn over the past year. This one skill used to stress me so much, I once discussed it in front of an entire room and cried.

My how things have changed!  C’mon on over and learn what selling skill set used to bring me to tears and how you can avoid that same drama in your business.

Because many of us don’t have a brick and mortar store for customers to enter, browse through, and engage with staff members, how you communicate via writing becomes even more important to the success of your business.

And therein lays the struggle. Ever been sitting at your computer and wondered:

  • What to write about for your next blog?
  • Where to even get started with a topic?
  • How to come up with the perfect title or subject for a sales email to launch your next coaching offer?

This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge will teach you five simple strategies to create email subjects and blog headlines that your customers want to open.

Put yourself in your customers’ super cute shoes for a quick second.


  • Busy
  • Overworked
  • Stressed
  • Multi-tasking, mavens

She’s sifting through work email, reading an important text at the same time, and her family is vying for her attention, too.

Your email, that ever-important email that will launch your next offer, must grab her attention. There is always competition for your potential customers attention.


In addition to all the noise online, your customers have noise in their lives as well. Your email subject or blog headline, has to be powerful enough to cut through the noise and make your potential customers pay attention.

According to research, the most frequently opened email subjects and blog headlines are as follows.

  1. Numbered headlines: Headlines that (typically) start with a number to indicate a list of solutions.
  2. Reader responsibility headlines: Headlines implying there is something the reader needs to do.
  3. How to headlines: Generally use the words, “How to” and break down the solution into a step-by-step process.
  4. Informational headlines: Indicate a secret will be revealed or that data will be provided.
  5. Question headlines: Headlines asking readers questions to create curiosity.


Simply knowing these five types of headlines is the first step towards writing headlines that convert. The next step is to take advantage of the free feedback I’ll be providing comments section.

Download your free resource below. It’s full of take-n-tweak headlines with examples of all five of the most frequently opened headlines.

Your Authentic Selling Challenge is to post your own headline in the comments section using one of these five strategies. Anyone who comments will receive free feedback on how to make your headline stronger. [TWEET THAT]

Remember, it doesn’t matter how good the copy is inside the email or blog. If the headline isn’t enticing enough to cut through the noise and get your readers to open their email, you’ll sell nothing.

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