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Coffee, Customers & Cash

Coffee, Customers & Cash

Most people look at Starbucks and see just another cup of coffee.

Most people look at Sales School & Authentic Selling® and think it’s all a bunch of hype, more marketing promises that over promise and under deliver.

But you would be wrong on both accounts. One of the core foundations of Authentic Selling® is to…

Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well.

When you build your business by doing the common things uncommonly well, it creates loyal, raving fans, who are more than happy to pay you for your product or service.

In fact, if done correctly, those raving fans turn into your best form of free advertising because they straight up testify about how amazing they feel when they interact with your business.

I thought I understood the importance of doing the common things uncommonly well.

Heck, I teach about the business changing effects of doing the common things uncommonly well all over the world. But then I met Stacey, and the entire team at Starbucks located at 913 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712 and I realized…

They don’t just set the bar for creating a raving fan and doing the common things uncommonly, they ARE the bar. And all of us business experts can learn a thing or two about how business is meant to be done from hearing my Starbucks story.

So will you step inside and meet Stacey and the entire team of my fave Starbucks below.

In this month of gratitude I would like to thank the team at my FAVE Starbucks for reminding me about the real impact a person and business can make when they truly, authentically care.

Sadie Fahur
Jim Loyd
Turner Reeves
Hannah Smith
Maddie Sexton
Taylor Townzen
Stacey McGhee
AND The BOSS LADY who runs this ship Bonnie Witte

(Note Stacey McGhee is dressed in ALL PINK to raise money for the “Real Men Wear Pink” Breast Cancer Fundraiser)

(Note: Stacey McGhee is dressed in ALL PINK to raise money for the “Real Men Wear Pink” Breast Cancer Fundraiser) Jim Loyd and Bonnie Witte pictured as well.

Bonnie says the secret for success is that the entire team really does have a passion for people and coffee and approach every day with an “It’s Not About Me” attitude.

Maddie Sexton, Jim Loyd, and Bonnie Witte pictured.

Bonnie attributes the belief that “it’s more than a cup of coffee” as the reason people drive out of their way to visit this specific Starbucks.  

As sure as my hair is red, if you can start doing some common things uncommonly well you will increase your customers and cash, courtesy of Bonnie, Stacey, Jim, Maddie, Sadie, Turner, Hannah, Taylor and a little common cup of coffee.

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