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Can Selling Be This Easy?

Wow! I went way back on this one—back to when we shot K TV in my bathroom! Yes, that is where we got started! I love that. These questions will change the way you write copy and sell your offers forever! It’s only 4 weeks until K TV returns new and improved!

K TV is going to introduce you to a magic formula that will change the way you create copy so that you can showcase your amazing benefits.

Last week, I sat down to finalize copy for two new offers that have taken me about four months to create. I was so excited to get the copy written and on the site. There was only one problem: TOTAL writer’s block. The thought of sitting down to write copy made me sick to my stomach, but I HAD to get these offers up so I pushed through, resulting in trash copy after trash copy.

Thankfully, I found clarity at about 1 am Saturday morning! I needed to start with the basics.

  1. Who will this offer benefit?
  2. Why should someone invest their hard-earned money in this offer?
  3. What are the logistics of the offer?
  4. How can someone sign up?

After I answered those questions, I could use my magic formula to create an offer that shines a light on the impact of Authentic Selling™.

Watch K TV to learn about this super easy magic formula that can be applied to ANY business. (Tweet That Here)

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