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Can A Sleep Coach Really Help Me Improve My Life?

A good night’s sleep can solve most of your problems; you can concentrate better, work harder, perform tasks faster, improve your metabolism and immunity and so much more. Unfortunately, for some people, sleep doesn’t come that easily especially with modern day distractions.

Sleeping is no longer as simple as closing your eyes and falling asleep. Now when you go to bed, the constant scrolling and flipping through social media keeps you up all night. This brings us to why sleep coaching is an increasingly popular phenomena these days.

Who Is A Sleep Coach?

Personal trainers and sleep coaches are quite similar, except instead of helping you get fit, their main goal is to help you sleep better. Initially, sleep consulting in Knoxville was primarily intended for young children who had trouble falling asleep, but it quickly became apparent that adults also required sleep coaches.

However still a good bulk of people still find it difficult to understand why sleep consulting is so crucial. Why are people unable to control their sleep on their own? To be able to understand this, one must realize the risks involved with sleep deprivation.  

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation might begin as an occasional or daily occurrence but eventually develop into a serious medical condition. It can have an impact on not only your daily life but also your relationships because it can lead to major psychological problems. According to estimates, 50 to 70 million Americans experience chronic sleep deprivation, which has a negative impact on their health and longevity. Some common effects of sleep deprivation include:

  • Negative impact on mental abilities and emotional state; you will be prone to mood swings during the day which will also hinder your decision making abilities.
  • Experiencing micro-sleep during the day; during these micro-sleep episodes you will fall asleep any time of the day without even realizing.
  • Weakened Immune system; lack of sleep prevents your immune system from defending you from harmful diseases. It will take longer for you to recover from any illness.
  • Becoming overweight and obese; Sleep deprivation not only makes you too tired to exercise, it also causes an imbalance of hormones that control the feeling of hunger and fullness, causing you to eat more.

How Will a Sleep Coach Help You?

Now that you understand the dangers of sleep deprivation, you probably understand the importance of sleep consulting in Knoxville. With the help of expert sleep consulting, may people are able to tackle sleep deprivation and the problems that come with it.  Here is how Kendrick Shope; the most capable Sleep Coach in Knoxville helps those deprived of a good night’s sleep.

Analyzes Your Nutrition Intake

What you eat affects your health and well-being in ways that you can’t even comprehend. Your diet affect your sleep which is why sleep consulting in Tennessee begins by analyzing a person’s diet and make required changes, like limiting alcohol, sugar and caffeine intake.

Teaches Mindfulness and Relaxation

Meditation helps you stay mindful and relaxes your body which leads to better sleep. A professional sleep coach teaches you different relaxation techniques including meditation and body stretches that prepare your mind and body for sleep.

Makes Environmental Changes

Minor changes to your environment can help you sleep better. Kendrick Shope, being an expert sleep coach in Knoxville will advise you to make certain changes to you bedroom like removing your TV or installing blackout curtains.

People around the world successfully overcome sleep deprivation with the help of sleep consulting. With the right help, you can too. Kendrick Shope is a sales mentor and sleep coach who helps you make positive changes in your life so that you can achieve all that you dream of. Visit our website to get in touch with her, now.

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