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Businesses That Make Money Know This

Businesses That Make Money Know This

A few weeks ago I got together with some of my coach friends who happen to super successful business owners.  Like the kind of success everyone wonders if it’s possible. Have you ever been curious to hear what a group of successful coaches talk about?  I used to wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear some of my idols dish about their business.  I guess I always believed there was a secret that those women knew about success that no one had shared with me.  You know what?  There is.  Today’s question from another fabulous viewer is going to allow me to provide the answer for you.

I’ve seen more businesses dreams fall apart and amazing people return to a day job because of two reasons.  One is the finances did not work and the other we are diving deep into on this K TV.  Today I am dishing with you on what my business friends and I gossip about when we are together.

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Who? Kerry Sheppard is a sales + marketing virtuoso who’s on a mission to transform the way women entrepreneurs make a lasting name for themselves online.

What? She’s a business-building champion who brings 15 years of experience working at the forefront of numerous multi-million-dollar businesses as well as a prosperity pathfinder who guides her clients down the road to phenomenal, mind-blowing financial success.

But don’t expect a drill-sergeant drone who’ll lecture you like an MBA professor. Because her track record stems from the entrepreneurial sector and not Corporate America, Kerry brings a unique approach to her mastermind coaching that often strays from ‘following A, B, and then C’ as well as tiresome multi-step processes. Instead, her creative style fosters transformations that vary from client to client in often life-changing ways.

Whether it’s through 1-on-1 mastermind coaching, group intensives, or the free, game-changing content Kerry develops every week for her VIP members, her goal is to help women entrepreneurs build the foundation for the money-making business and life of their dreams.

Question? What is the mindset that is needed to run a successful business?  And, how do you train your mind for this success?
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