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As a Business,

We aim to give 10% of all proceeds from our products and services back to Broadway Cares.

Whether you download Sales Prep School, join the class of Authentic Selling University, or book private sales training for yourself or your corporate team, you’re giving back to people in need.


We’ve always been a Broadway Family.

Let’s set the scene: My daughter, Halianna, is my biggest inspiration and the reason I became an entrepreneur. I knew I had to be an example of the mantra I’d been whispering in her ear since she was born:

You can be anything you want to be in this world. All you have to do is believe.

My life as an entrepreneur has allowed me to spend more time with Halianna, and travel to the greatest place on earth together countless times: New York City. She has loved Broadway since I brought her to her first show, The Phantom of the Opera, when she was only in 2nd Grade. Right then and there, I watched my girl fall in love with musical theatre. Every show, we’ve seen countless red buckets collecting donations for Broadway Cares. Maybe you have too.

Music was always with Halianna, and she grew up as a happy, vibrant kid. But in 2020, in an already incredibly difficult year, her world turned upside down.

At only 13 years old, Halianna’s friend Campbell Baker died in a tragic accident.

The loss of a spirit like Campbell’s is one that’s felt by those who knew him and even those who did not. Everyone around him called him truly incredible. He used one phrase to guide his life and inspire everyone around him: “LIVE, PLAY, AND MOST OF ALL BE KIND!”

Our family’s grief over the loss of Campbell was overwhelming. Halianna was devastated.

As my daughter and her friends wrestled with the pain of their loss and how to move forward, I also saw the struggles facing my business family: the ASUCrew.

Since the start of the pandemic, I saw our online community face the challenges of a chaotic world and an economy that was largely shut down. They believed in themselves and each other, and made it through with success, even though they felt exhausted.

Everyone I knew and cared for needed a spark again. So I looked where Halianna had always found hers: in music.

I decided to reach out to Broadway Cares.

This was no small idea—I got the name of a contact off the bottom of one of their emails and drew on all of my sales skills to cold-pitch them. “I don’t know if you ever partner with small businesses to raise money, but…”

I was floored when Broadway Cares responded with a resounding YES. They understood what Halianna and I knew to be true: that music and art bring healing. We were about to embark on a partnership that would make an “incredible” impact and light up the world.

On September 14th, 2021, we brought together the biggest names on Broadway in a virtual show called One Night Only with the goal of raising $100,000 in Campbell’s name.

At an in-person screening, world-class entertainers sang and inspired Halianna, her friends, and Campbell’s family. The event was a resounding success. Everyone had fallen in love with Broadway Cares, and I knew this was just the beginning of a lasting partnership.

Meanwhile, online business owners from inside and outside the ASUCrew heard another version of the performers’ stories that built up their bravery and confidence that you can be anything you want to be in this world.

All you have to do is believe.

The event was a resounding success.

Everyone had fallen in love with Broadway Cares, and I knew this was just the beginning of a lasting partnership.

Since One Night Only, we’ve committed to giving back 10% of the proceeds from all our sales in the Kendrick Shope community to Broadway Cares.

Broadway Cares provides lifesaving medications, nutritious meals, housing, emergency assistance, and other vital services.They fund more than 450 organizations across the United States, and they’re also the largest funder of the social service programs at The Actors Fund— including the HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, and the Samuel J. Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts.

Your donation goes a long way to help people in need:

  • $50 provides 20 people with healthy meals
  • $100 helps provide home care for someone struggling in their fight with AIDS
  • $250 covers lifesaving medications for one month for a young man who is out of work and doesn’t have health insurance
  • $500 helps pay overdue rent and keeps a single mom with cancer and her children from becoming homeless
join us in supporting broadway cares!

We’re grateful to you for supporting our partnership with Broadway Cares every time you make a purchase under the banner of Kendrick Shope and the Authentic Selling® Community

You can learn more about the life-saving work of Broadway Cares on their website

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