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Bonus Time For The K Community!

One of the ways I’m committed to supporting you is to teach you ick free Authentic Selling™ so that you can reach more people and make money doing it.

As much as I love sales…and OH DO I LOVE IT, I realize that it takes a combination of many skill sets to make an online business successful and I really do want you to be able to experience all that you’ve dreamed.  So today, I’m starting a monthly bonus section for our community where I will interview one person who can add instant value for you as your grow your business.

This is not an opportunity to promote yourself, its a chance to give because that’s what Authentic Selling™ is all about!

It’s my sincere goal to make a community that supports each other & really different than any other online community.

1.  What is a side hustle coach?

As The Side Hustle Coach I work with entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business but cannot or do not want to quit their 9-to-5. I help corporate warriors start and build a highly successful businesses on the side. Those entrepreneurs who work a 9-to-5 face a completely unique set of challenges and advantages that I am intimately aware of. You need a very specific type of support when building a business on the side. If you sit in your cubicle and dream of your own business then we need to chat. The world needs you and your j.o.b. is NOT an excuse to put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold!

2.  What is the one mistake you see people make when working a side hustle?

Gosh, it’s tough for me to pick just one! But, I would say the one mistake that really seeps into every other part of their business is that they operate from the mindset that they are at a disadvantage. I say, “Baloney!”

Look, every entrepreneur faces challenges no matter the situation. Time is incredibly valuable and I know from first hand experience that as a side hustler it can be tough to find two consecutive minutes for hustling some days BUT that can be the case cubicle or not.

There is a study out of MIT by professor Dan Ariely. The study basically took three classes of college students and imposed three separate conditions. Class one’s condition said that they had to turn in three papers by the end of the semester and they could turn them in whenever they wanted, it didn’t matter when as long as it was by the end of the semester. Class two’s condition said that they could self-select their three due dates for the three papers they had to turn in by the end of the semester, but once they selected their dates they would be held accountable to the due dates by the professor. Class three was assigned three due dates for the papers by the professor. Results from the study revealed that those who self-imposed or were assigned due dates turned in their papers and earned better grades across the board than the class who had not deadlines and completely free reign.

Why am I telling you this? Because the side hustle lifestyle, like everything else, is what you make of it. You can either tell yourself it’s the worst thing and you’re the biggest victim who will never succeed or you can realize that you’re lucky you have deadlines and a strict schedule because research shows you are more likely to get stuff done! There are many entrepreneurs who are full-time in their business but who waste enough time that they might as well work a 9-to-5 during the day.

Choose to believe you are at an advantage. Look for all the reasons you will succeed. You will notice your business really shift.

3.  How do you know when it’s time to make the leap and quit your “other” job?

This is an incredibly personal decision. I hesitate to speak to this question because it really is so multifaceted and there are about as many opinions on this as there are stars in the sky. But, since you asked, I’ll throw in my two cents. I would say consider these two things:

  1. Really evaluate what income you need to survive. What number do you REALLY need to keep a roof over your head, eat, pay your bills and maintain whatever minimal level of lifestyle that you’d feel comfortable living while building your business. Knowing this is really empowering, and truth be told the whole money thing is a bigger deal in our head. I’ve known lots of people who, once they wrote it all out, realized that when it came down to it they didn’t really need as much as they thought.

  2. Decide for yourself at what point in your business you will feel as though going full time will allow you to grow much faster than being a side hustler. I think of this as the sweet spot. This is the point where your business is really growing and if you were able to devote a full time effort you know that the payoffs would be exponential growth. At this point you are probably bringing in revenue and simply need to multiply your efforts.

I’d like to make the point here that, in my professional opinion, hating your office job is not necessarily a good reason to go full time in your business. Entrepreneurship is really tough and there is enough pressure without having to watch your bank account dwindle every day. If you can hang in there and make the best of a bad situation (assuming it’s not making you ill physically, mentally or otherwise) then I strongly suggest you do that. You are starting a business out of passion and love but desperation for money will be the quickest way to snuff out that flame.

Also, I think this is a good place to mention that everyone and their mother is preaching the “Quit your job, follow your passion, everything else will fall into place” gospel and I just can’t get with that whole thing. Quite frankly, I find it irresponsible. I once had a very, very well known coach, upon learning that I was building my practice while also working a 9-to-5 nearly yell into the phone,  “YOU HAVE TO QUIT YOUR JOB!,” without actually knowing anything about my situation, finances, etc. That was a turning point for me. I decided that I needed to be the voice of reason and end this side hustle shame I see in our online entrepreneurship circles. You don’t have to martyr yourself to the entrepreneurship gods and you are no less a serious entrepreneur because you work a 9-to-5, or any other job to make ends meet. Don’t feel like you need to hide the fact that you’re bringing home the bacon and allowing your dream business to grow at a pace that is comfortable for you. Plus, you get to enjoy the perks of a fabulous silent partner (your paycheck!)

4.  What is one tip you can give my readers to maximize their time while working a side hustle?

Create constructive business building habits! I am a total habit pusher. Humans are habitual by nature. You have habits surrounding your business right now but it’s just a matter of if they are contributing to the success of your business or if they are distracting you from your business.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world start their day well before most of the rest of the world. That’s not a coincidence. A great place to start your new habits is to get into a set-in-stone crazy-productive morning routine and do more before work than everyone else does in their 8 hour workday. Seriously! Habits take time to start or change so pick one habit to focus on and really stick with it until you are comfortable in it. Remember, if you fall off the wagon just get right back on, it’s an art not a science!

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