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Black Friday Buyers Pyramid

Have you ever wondered why your incredible webinars or sales ads don’t convert as well as you expected?  

Today’s ASTV is going to introduce you to the Buyers Pyramid and it’s going to be as if a lightbulb goes off in your brain as to what you’ve been missing. 

When that lightbulb goes off you’re going to want to meet that a-ha with action.

That’s where the ASU Holiday Extravaganza becomes your new best friend!  

If you’re looking to make more money in 2023, this is for you. 

Access to two of the full classes from Authentic Selling® University for only $77.00 (Full price for all of ASU is $5500 and you’re getting two of the eight classes for only $77.00!  

The best part is you will never wonder what to do when you hear “I can’t afford it or get ghosted.”  AND you will never have to engage in icky, sleazy, slimy, or gross sales processes again! 

Get Sales Mindset and Sales Objections for only $77.00 here.


Maybe you prefer a bit more one on one time and personal coaching.  Get access to one of only five private 90 minute sessions to plan out your year for only $599- normally priced at $2500. 

Get your private coaching session here while spots last for only $599 


If you’re looking for some assistance on actually finding your customers, get access to Authentic Selling® Prep school and learn proven ways to have people seeking YOU out, rather than you searching for that lone person who might want your service. 

Find your customers the right way here inside Sales Prep School for only $399.00 (normally $499.00) here.

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