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Avoid Getting Stuck In Quick Sand

Avoid Getting Stuck In Quick Sand

Business mistakes can make you feel like you are stuck in quicksand, just bobbing up and down waiting for someone to rescue you. Last week K TV discussed two sales mistakes that I guarantee you’re making, which you can check out here.

Today’s K TV is going to build on that message and share one more mistake. Simply being aware of these mistakes is powerful; and correcting them will lead to more customers for you. It is really just that simple.  Before we jump into this week’s K TV, I want you to answer the questions below to see if your business is making this week’s mistake and in danger of getting stuck in quick sand. 

Are you

  1. Disgusted at the money you’ve spent on your website, copy, video, etc. etc. etc…but you’re not seeing a return
  2. Frustrated because you thought if you put out the right energy, you’d be a client magnet
  3. Sick of sinking money into a business that isn’t making any money
  4. Feeling clueless and frustrated by that fact that clients don’t GET the value of what you do
  5. Believing you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working
  6. Wishing someone would just tell you what to DO
  7. Terrified of being pushy or nagging your potential customers…what if they hate you?

If you answered yes to more than two of these then your business is suffering from fear of selling or a lack of knowledge about how to sell your amazing products or services online. If left untreated this will lead to fewer clients, and the above feelings will intensify, leaving you feeling as if you are stuck in quick sand.

You didn’t even have to watch K TV to learn what the mistake is but the cure is inside.

Let me caution you, many of you will be somewhat annoyed at the solution to this problem.

Here is the real truth, if you knew I had the solution to the above problems you would be leaping for joy but there is a lack of trust and many empty promises in the online world.  I get it.

Only watch K TV if you want the real solution.  I only deal in results based solutions.

*The story told below is 100% true but the names have been changed.  I am as sure as my hair is red, the solution mapped out in K TV will solve every one of the above problems.

So the real question is what are you waiting on?   LET’S DO THIS!

Learn more about the solution here.

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