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Avoid Being SPAM

Avoid Being SPAM

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the importance of every single line of copy when communicating with your potential customers. In the past, we’ve discussed how important it is to make your copy super simple and so compelling, your readers nod their heads while they read it.

Even though I understand the importance of every single word in your sales emails, site copy, social media, and follow ups, I was surprised by this statistic that prompted Your Authentic Selling Challenge this week.

Even when they know the vendor, 57% of email recipients consider a message to be spam if it isn’t relevant to their needs.

What this means, is simply knowing your readers or having a connection with them doesn’t mean your emails are being read. Now, that may not seem earth shattering, but think about the importance this puts on the subject line of your emails.

You don’t want your emails to be considered SPAM. [TWEET THIS]

This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge is to post below three headlines or subject lines for an important email you need to send. I will personally review and give feedback on each one.

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