Authentic Selling® Live

The Energy

The Excitement

The Electricity

There is just something special about a live event.

Authentic Selling® Live promises to be an event that leaves you empowered.

Let’s face it, the online environment has changed and what worked last year isn’t creating the same type of results as it has in the past.

It’s leaving too many people stuck and wondering now what.

But there are some absolutes that create revenue, results, and raving fans for your business.

And that’s what Authentic Selling® Live
is all about

Real Results
Real Revenue
Real Raving Fans

For Your Business

You’re Invited!

What: Authentic Selling® Live

Where: The Historic 21C Hotel in Bentonville, AR

When: March 16th – March 17th, 2018

Why Attend


The online world can get lonely and it feel as difficult as walking uphill barefoot in the snow to make legit business connections you can rely on as you grow your business.

Authentic Selling® Live promises to bring boss business owners together like only we can, connecting you and providing networking opportunities that will grow your business for years to come.


How many times have you taken a class and not had the time or understanding to execute so that you can see the results you desire?

No judgement here, I’ve done the same thing. When you attend Authentic Selling® Live you will implement what your learning right there in the room so that it’s impossible to leave without taking the action needed to create results, revenue, and raving fans.


During our event last year attendees shared they had never been present at such a hands on experience.

“It was the best event I have ever attended.”
“Kenrick has a style of teaching that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”
“Finally hands-on learning that delivers no fluff and all of what I need.”


No it’s not a sexy word but learning something is a requirement. If you don’t learn, then you will not have the tools to make more money, get more customers, and do more of what you love.

What you’re going to learn will change your business and how you get clients forever.

No more chasing

No more trolling Facebook groups – has that worked in years?

No more endless plans that are impossible to complete

because you don’t have 42 hours in a day.

Simple, Easy, Effective, Proven, Strategies that have made business like yours millions (yes I used the “m” word because it’s true.)

The best part is how affordable this 2 day event is for you.

$175 for three months is all that it takes to secure your spot for Authentic Selling® Live. Or one payment of $497.

Say Yes To Authentic Selling® Live

What You Will Learn

A social selling success system

that has allowed businesses like yours to make a minimum of $20k in one week. If you are launching anything in 2018 you need this strategy.

Ten closes

to use in your emails, videos, and sales pages that will create more business for you in 2018.

Review how to overcome objections

so that you never struggle how to deal with I can’t afford to work with you again.

Selling for life coaches

(because when you can sell life coaching, you can sell anything.)

Three mistakes that nearly every business makes

that costs your business money

Follow-up like a professional

for the first time ever you will have an entire done for you follow up system pointing you what to do when. This includes timeline and what to say.

All of this means your business will stand out as an exceptional industry expert in 2018 and we’re going to have some fun in Bentonville as well!

What better place to learn to make more money in your business than the home of the most successful business in the world? Walmart!

Join me for an exceptional elite experience, Authentic Selling® Live.

$175 for three months is all that it takes to secure your spot for Authentic Selling® Live Or one payment of $497.


And as a bonus I’m offering a limited number of VIP upgrades because if you’re like me, you want some one on one attention on your business.

When you upgrade to Authentic Selling Live VIP you will have two specialized opportunities.

  1. Invitation to a private VIP dinner on me with some of the industry elite my treat.
  2. One private 60 minute session, just your business, you, and me so that you get the exclusive access your business demands.

To upgrade to a VIP experience the investment is $290 for four months or one time payment of $997.

Claim one of the limited VIP Authentic Selling® Live spots here now so you can get the energy, excitement, and education that can only come from Authentic Selling® Live.




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