Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison

Business Consultant + Founder of Good Businesses Do Good™

Adrienne Dorison is a Business Consultant, podcast host and founder of Good Businesses Do Good™, who helps entrepreneurs double their businesses in half the time by getting them more focused, more strategic, and more profitable.

Adrienne believes that good businesses can change the world and is focused on creating a movement of ‘give-back’ business models and initiatives that rapidly improve the growing potential impact of entrepreneurship. Her Earn More to Give More™ process combines earning potential, giving-back, and business performance improvement to create lasting motivation, fast growth, and true meaning.

Adrienne has built and grown a business that has not only grown lighting-fast {420% in year 2}, but also has been focused on giving back since day one with 10%+ of revenue going to for-purpose causes. She’s a LEAN Six Sigma + SCRUM business expert who recently paid off $48,000 in student debt in just 6 months flat, she loves dogs, cookies, CrossFit, and long-distance triathlons.

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Monika Villarreal

Monika Villarreal

Business & Success Coach

Monika Villarreal empowers women to get out of their own way and build their dreams of helping others. As a Certified Life Coach and Authentic Selling® Instructor, Monika’s strength is bringing out the uniqueness of each woman by uncovering crippling mindset blocks, deconstructing limiting belief systems, and freeing her clients to pursue limitless potential within themselves.

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If you’re ready to take the next steps and skyrocket your business with a customized program just for you, schedule some time with Monika here.

Suzy Rosenstein, MA

Suzy Rosenstein, MA

Master Certified Life Coach and Instructor at The Life Coach School

Suzy Rosenstein loves her career as a Master Certified Life Coach and Instructor at The Life Coach School and as a Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor with Sales School. She’s also the host of the popular podcast, Women in the Middle: Loving Life after 50! Suzy has always been attracted to helping people. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Psychology and has decades of combined experience in health education, communication, health promotion and life coaching.

Suzy has a proven track record of motivating amazing people like you to improve their lives and/or business in some way or another. As someone who teaches the power of mindset work every day, Suzy has firsthand knowledge of how critical it is to get perspective on your thinking so you can confidently put yourself out there, find and work with your ideal clients and make the impact you want to make in the world. Suzy helps entrepreneurs get clear, get excited and get unstuck when it comes to their online business, side-hustle and life in general. It’s definitely time to unstick your biz!

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Nefateria Fonda

Nefateria Fonda

OWNER of Go Get It, Inc. and Christian Business COACH

Nefateria Fonda’ is OWNER of Go Get It, Inc., a Christian Business COACH, Certified AUTHENTIC SELLING INSTRUCTOR, AUTHOR and SPEAKER, Specializing in Christian Business Owners, who are ready to take ACTion and turn their passion into a paycheck, instead of the expensive hobby it has been.

Creator of The Profit Plan™, she helps you get clear who you serve and how you serve them, teach you how to sell with confidence, so you can bring in more clients and have a diamond clear path to the profits.

Nefateria hosts her own daily vlog called NEF’S NUGGET. In addition, she has a membership called The CEO LOUNGE, for driven business owners, who need accountability, coaching, and training. Plus, she provides private coaching if you need to craft a SEXY PITCH or need a PROFIT PLAN.

Nefateria and her book How to Activate Your Faith, Commit to a Plan and Take (ACT); That Will Change Your Life has been featured on WZBN Praise 105.5 FM and The Business Blast.

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Marva Goss

Marva Goss

Brand and sales strategist to coaches and creatives

Marva is a brand and sales strategist to coaches and creatives that need help explaining the impact of what they do, so they can easily book the right clients. Marva is a veteran turned life coach turned brand strategist that loves helping clients build brands they’re proud of.

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Sandra Halling

Sandra Halling

Business coach, public speaker and trainer

Sandra works people who thrive in the big picture, and always have a lot on their plate… the creative geniuses, visionary leaders, the quick-start entrepreneurs, and the overworked CEOs and CFOs. She knows how creatives and visionaries, like you, tend to dive in to new projects, super excited… And how C-level executives want results, and want them now. Either way, the problem is, turning your dream into a reality quickly becomes overwhelming and frustrating. All those operational details make you want to scream and throw your hands up. You don’t have the time to do it supremely well, so you procrastinate dealing with it.

Sandra has 20 years of experience in the architecture and engineering industry developing and implementing technological solutions that maximize return on investment in marketing information systems. She’s experienced at developing methodologies that drive marketing and business development initiatives by leveraging and integrating systems into a holistic business solution. She’s a strong facilitator; adept at encouraging cooperation and communication to reach consensus on complex interdepartmental knowledge management requirements. Sandra is also an accomplished public speaker and trainer; highly skilled at explaining complex technical topics in simple terms, relevant to an audience. She focuses on using technology to work smarter rather than harder and aiming to maximize marketing capacity and effectiveness to improve profitability.

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Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser

Serial entrepreneur, online educator and published author

Summer Tannhauser is serial entrepreneur, online educator, and published author who teaches people to build a profitable “simple little” business online, using their life experiences and passions. She’s worked with hundreds of budding entrepreneurs through her online courses and masterminds, teaching them how to leverage the power of relationship-based email marketing to increase sales. She has appeared in numerous online publications and podcasts including Inc., Teachable, USA Today, and more.

Before transitioning to her work online, Summer founded a local pet care business which she grew to a team of 20 employees and over 1,000 clients. She took her extensive marketing and business knowledge from this endeavor, and her love of entrepreneurship, to now focus on helping others open their own successful businesses online. Summer lives in Tennessee with her husband and 3 kids.

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