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Authentic Selling® - A Sales Superpower

Every once in a while comes someone in sales who is different. They don’t have the usual poker face, but a certain way of putting you at ease from the moment they enter a room. When they arrive, you can feel that they just don’t want to sell you a product but rather make a difference. These are genuine salesmen; they don’t play games with you and they don’t bluff; instead they sell from the bottom of their hearts.

Sales have always been a slimier, over the top industry. In the past, sales people largely controlled the flow of information, which meant that buyers were forced to believe all that was presented to them; everything from pricing to product specs to customer evidence. Salespeople could easily get away with canned marketing techniques and recycled, generic messages. However, things have changed drastically since then. Now customers do business with companies who share the same values, represent themselves in their most authentic ways and support important causes. That is why authentic selling in USA is the new emerging way of making sales.

Ofcourse, Authentic Sales Is Necessary!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just like you need to be authentic in real life, you need to be authentic in selling. Authentic selling in Knoxville is just a hyped up way of being real, genuine, truthful, direct, honest and sincere with your clients and customers. It is imperative that you sell from a genuine place; authentic selling   requires you to personally believe in the product/service you are selling and only then relaying the message to your potential customers.

The challenge, today, for most organizations is not selling, but differentiation. For any business to grow successfully, it needs to differentiate itself from the rest, and it can never do so if it keeps using generic techniques. People don’t pay for great solutions, they pay for the value of ideas; real authentic ideas. The only way to create valuable ideas is to implement powerful, yet authentic sales methodology.

How to Bring Authenticity to Your Sales?

It’s easy to go on about the virtues of authentic selling but it can be a lot harder to actually implement it during a sales pitch. Most of us, salespeople, have always avoided transparency in some form or another to achieve positive results. It’s time to change that.  

Embrace a Culture of Transparency at Every Level

Building a culture of transparency need to starts from the top. At every level of hierarchy, people need to be honest about their work and openly discuss it. For instance, at a meeting everyone should be able to discuss what is working out and what isn’t. It should be acceptable to acknowledge the strengths as well the weaknesses and no one should tiptoe due to the fear of being disqualified.

Deliver Value to Your Customers and Then Sell Your Product

Sales people need to acknowledge their product’s strengths and gaps. The truth is there are thousands of competitors in the market and your product may be superior in some areas and inferior in others. Admitting that your product will not solve all of your customer problems establishes credibility and humanizes both you and your product. Moreover, authentic selling in USA encourages salespeople to know more than just their product; they should be able to speak about the broader trends in the market.

Selling was always supposed to be authentic, there is nothing new about it. Authentic selling in Knoxville is vital for your long-term success as an individual and as a business. Kendrick Shope is an expert sales mentor in Knoxville who has mentored thousands of new business owners and seasoned salespeople. Her authentic sales techniques help people make more money with integrity. Get in touch with Kendrick through our website, now.

About: The Authentic Selling® process provides your business with tangible sales tools to close sales faster and ick-free. So, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with growing your successful business.


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