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Are You Talking Customers Away?

Have you ever wondered why your sales calls feel a bit uncomfortable?

This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge uses data to reveal why your sales calls seem stiff and off.

You’re a smart businesswoman. You know what happens when you try selling from a place that feels forced; You end up missing your sales goals, making less money than you’d planned, and leaving your target customer searching for the solution to the very problems you solve.

If only you knew…

According to Contact Source, only 14% of the words we use in everyday conversation are used during sales consults.

That’s a surefire way to make your sales conversations feel awkward and forced.

We’re always told we should write how we speak when emailing our potential customers. So why are we trying to be something we’re not when having sales conversations?

Today’s Authentic Selling Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a structure for your sales calls using the same language your target clients use. Having this structure will allow you to feel at ease and use language that is authentic and true to your communication style during your next conversation with a potential customer.

Be one of the savvy experts that use their client’s own words to help solve their problems. Get started by grabbing your free copy of How To Host A Consult That Sells below.

Do you dread awkward sales calls? Tell me about it in the comments and use this free training to make your next sales conversation smooth sailing.

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