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Are You Program Damaged?

Are You Program Damaged?

We’ve all been there; computer open, credit card at the ready. As you type in your number, it happens: Your hands start sweating, your mouth goes dry, and your stomach gets a bit jittery.

You begin having an internal dialogue that sounds something like this:

“I need to finish the other business building programs I’ve started before you make another purchase”

“I need one-to-one attention for my business but I can’t afford $30k to invest in a mastermind”

“I’ve tried everything and nothing works”

“Have I lost my mind? I’m in debt and can’t pay for another program”

If these thoughts enter your head when you see a person or a program you believe can change your life, health, business, or anything else, you are Program Damaged.

The Definition Of Program Damaged is:

  1. Anyone who has taken a program and did not get the intended result
  2. Anyone who fails to make a new purchase in a potentially business changing program because of fear that the program will not deliver on its promises

In black and white, being progam damaged doesn’t look like a bad thing, right? Kind of feels like you’re being cautious.

The Warning You Can’t Ignore

The problem with being Program Damaged is it allows you to play small, stay stuck, and blame others. No one ever created a business that makes money by refusing to learn, staying stuck, and blamings others. I understand it sucks to invest in your business, life, or health, or and end up robbed.  

Here’s The Truth

If you have determined You’re Programed Damaged what do you do? It’s time for dose of Authentic Selling® Truth- GET OVER IT.  I don’t care how bad you’ve been wronged, or how disappointed you are. Speak up, deal with it, and get over it. It’s a simple as that.

I believe in you and your business.

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