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Almost Too Afraid To Send This One

The past week has been one of the most exciting weeks since I started my business. Seriously, if you’re dreaming of making it happen in your business, don’t give up. It’s worth the work and the nights, crying on the bathroom floor, trying to figure it all out.

Today’s Authentic Selling Challenge is one of the most bold I’ve ever made. I’m a little nervous about it. Who am I kidding; I have butterflies in my stomach and I’ve put off writing this email until the 11th hour because I’m scared.

Running your own business leads to a feeling of empowerment that you can do anything. I’ve learned that although I’m scared, it won’t stop me from doing something that is of service.

As I look around this online world we live in, I see many people sharing how difficult running a business can be. I hear potential customers tell me they need private, one-on-one help to get results. I feel the pain and struggle that you feel when you want so badly to make money and help others in your business, but nothing seems to work.

What if:

You could find someone who believed in your business as much as you?
This time next year, you were someone’s glowing success story, sharing how much money you made as a result of their program?
You finally unlocked the doors to putting all that learning together and created real results for yourself, helping others in the process?

It’s possible. Last year, many people had those same thoughts and feelings. Today, those same people are thrilled they did one thing, made one decision.

They said “yes” to less than $5.50 a day to create those mind blowing results you’ve been dreaming of for years.

What delivered those sought after results? Sales School. Yes, I speak highly of my program but here’s the important thing; Sales School isn’t about me. It’s about what Authentic Selling will do for YOU and YOUR business.

This is it. Your moment. It doesn’t matter how many programs you’ve invested in without results. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared. What matters is what you do next.

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