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All F.U.'s Are Not Equal

All F.U.'s Are Not Equal

Happy February Beautiful,

This entire month, K TV is focused on making you money using the big F.U. – “follow up”. Let me be blunt, if you do not have this skill set in your selling strategy, you are literally leaving money on the table.

Business owners and sales reps who gloss over or make excuses for not learning this skill should seriously ask themselves if they are in business to make money. (Tweet That Here)

By the end of today’s K TV, you will learn about some of the different types of follow up techniques and when to use them. All follow up communications are not created equal so you must understand the various types to be able to use them to make money.

BONUS ALERT- Before you can even begin to use follow ups to make your business money, you have to locate potential customers or prospects. Ya’ll know I’m all about style and it’s not my style to leave you hanging, so make sure you check out the information about the FREE mini-term of Sales School. Our first class is “How to Find YOUR Customers.”

Tune in to today’s K TV for more information.

Get the access to the replay of How To Find Your Customers where you will learn 10 ways to find your customers

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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