About Kendrick

Kendrick Shope is the creator of Authentic Selling® the most trusted sales process online for over a decade.

After leaving a top-performing corporate sales career spanning nearly 15 years, Kendrick turned her unique way of selling with empathy into the #1 sales process online.

Authentic Selling® has supported the dreams of thousands of consultants, course creators, and coaches in 6 continents.

Authentic Selling® Foundation #1.

If it feels icky, sleazy, slimy, gross, let’s find another way to get the same intended result.

Kendrick’s Authentic Selling® process provides your business with tangible tools to close more customers without sacrificing your integrity.

Combining her decades of sales expertise with her love of pop culture, businesses learn that selling can actually be fun and feel like helping rather than being a bully.

Authentic Selling® has been the #1 sales process online for nearly a decade and is taught at Authentic Selling® University in a fully virtual classroom.

As a result of Authentic Selling® businesses have closed over $50 million in new sales, more than a million new email subscribers added to their customer base, and generated over 500,000 new sales prospects.

Definitely the teaching style was a big one for me too. You’re an amazing teacher and inspired me!

Lais Cerutti Scortegagna

Kendrick Shope, I have to say, I’ve been a part of several group “coaching” programs relating to creating an online business, and I participated in all. All of them had good information. However, there was something missing from each, at least for me to really be able to apply the lesson into my business. The way you’re teaching it -something about how you teach is clicking more with me.

Heather Moulder

Authentic Selling® replaces pushy, outdated, tired sales strategies with modern, memorable, and money making tools that are actually fun to use.

Kendrick and Authentic Selling® have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, featured on NBC, Steve Harvey, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, INC, and delivered the keynote address for universities, conferences, and training around the globe.

Shortly after Kendrick traded in her corporate heels she realized the online world was out of balance with hundreds of marketing classes and coaches but very few true sales experts.

Marketing Dysfunction® occurs when there is much marketing and not enough sales creating a business in lack….lack of customers to help and lack of money in the bank.

This imbalance created thousands of passionate new business owners, thousands of dollars in debt, ready to hang it all up and shut down their business dreams.

Kendrick created Authentic Selling® so that coaches, course creators, and consultants can turn their marketing dollars into real customers.

Prior to enrolling in Authentic Selling® I wasn’t bringing in consistent students. My business was 1.5 years old and
I was struggling with how to communicate the value of my services and overcome money objections for the college student population.

After enrolling in Authentic Selling® the first client I used Kendrick’s consult call script said yes to a $450.00 offer. The first offer I had sold over the phone at that high of a price point.

I enrolled 18 students into my 1:1 services between Feb -May 2017. Where ALL of 2016 I only had 11.

I also made more in the 4 months that I was enrolled and applying everything in Authentic Selling® than I had all of 2016.
I was hearing fewer objections because I was able to communicate to my clients the benefits of working with me in a way I had never been before.

I don’t know if you’re struggling in your business right now. Maybe you have it all together. Maybe you know exactly how to overcome objections. Maybe you have a calendar full of clients and you’re making 7 figures but if you’re not, I highly suggest you enroll in sales school.

Kendrick practices what she teaches and she goes above and beyond to make sure you see success if you show up and put in the work as well.

Clarissa Rodriguez


A question Kendrick teaches businesses to ask inside of Authentic Selling® University is
“Why can your customers trust you to solve their problems?”

Kendrick often jokes that she’s an expert at only two things, loving her daughter, and teaching anyone how to turn marketing efforts into paying customers, ick free.

  • Graduated top in her class from 2 corporate sales schools
  • One of the top sales experts to follow on Twitter 2015, 2016, & 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Nationally recognized top Sales Expert by NBC, Forbes, Steve Harvey, Inc, and dozens more.
  • Top Sales Expert in the state of Arkansas
  • Top Sales Expert for health coaches
  • Recognized by Forbes as a leading Business and Sales Coach
Most importantly, businesses of all kinds, across the world have generated over $25 million dollars in sales using Kendrick’s Authentic Selling® process.

An Open Letter


Thank you for the work you do, for the example you set, and for being braver than your neighbor who is playing it safe but miserable.

It’s one of the biggest honors of my life to make my home in the online world with incredible humans like you.

I don’t know where you are in your journey but I do know how alone it can feel to follow a dream that the majority of people in your life don’t understand.

When I entered the online space, nearly a decade ago, I found it confusing, there was so much to learn, so many classes to take, and so much money I needed to spend.

That trend has continued as entrepreneurs are ashamed of

“course graveyards”
“shiny object syndrome”
feeling guilty because they’re doing all the things but the results don’t match their efforts.

Even if you never invest in any Authentic Selling® solution, please understand this…

The cycle of shame ends here.

There is 0 shame in going all in on your dream, which is what you did. That’s incredible, not shameful.

Reimagine the cycle of shame and turn it into the circle of trust.

It doesn’t matter if no one gets it.

So you have a course graveyard? I do too. Let’s get t-shirts made.

So you have shiny object syndrome? That means you believe in yourself enough to bet on you.

I see you. I believe in you. I believe in your business.



Tired of hearing crickets on social media?
Hate the thought of having to troll for customers online?

It’s time to turn the station on your social media plan.



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