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A guide to enhancing your public speaking confidence

At times we all wonder why some people are born confident while others have to put in a lot of effort to do so. Confidence comes with self-actualization, and one thing is sure the sooner you realize your weak points, the quicker you will be able to overcome them. The same is the case with self-confidence.

When you lack confidence, especially when facing a crowd, addressing them becomes even more challenging. Of course, it takes a lot of practice, however, there are many other ways to get past these problems and learn how to speak confidently in public. Listed below are a few tips that can help you overcome your fear and develop your comfort level.

It’s okay to make mistakes

To err is human – we have all heard of this phrase, and it is essential to understand that it’s alright to make mistakes. But make sure to rectify your mistake instantly, as no one will care too much about the error you made. You will make mistakes initially but rest assured that you will improve with time.

Keep in mind that there is always room for improvement, but to fix your error, it is important to not fear making mistakes; instead, plan a strategy and take action. If you don’t have a secondary plan, the key when you are in front of the public is to just keep going. If you need a second opinion, ask your friend or coworker to sit in the audience and make pointers on areas you need to work on more.

Relax your body language

A fear of public speaking can make you tense, negatively affecting your body language. It is essential to maintain proper posture, make eye contact with the audience, and move in ways that look natural.

You might encounter bizarre physical responses out of anxiety, like a pounding heart or shaky hands. But don’t let them affect you, making you think that you will not be able to pull it off. Stay confident because the adrenaline rush that makes you sweat actually gives you a head start and prepares you to do your best.


Practicing is one of the best ways to improve your public speaking skills. It allows you to iron out your messaging through repetition, helping you find better ways to deliver your presentation. Once you have rehearsed your speech multiple times, you will naturally feel more confident to face the audience.

Stop worrying and start practicing because preparing for every question is the best way to deal with stage fright. How to do that? Spend time reviewing your notes once you know the topic, practice, and practice until you make it. You can also videotape yourself or get a friend to critique your performance.

Know what to look for.

If you are addressing a large audience, make sure you focus over their heads and not look them straight in the eye. By doing so, you will not be constantly reminded of how big the crowd is. Whereas, if you are talking to a smaller group, make eye contact with just one person who seems interested in every word you say. In this way, you will feel more confident. A good listener always encourages you to speak more, whereas people looking at their phones will only distract you.

Take a Public Speaking Class

Public speaking classes can help you gain skills that improve your ability to present to audiences. Learning from the experts makes you more confident, allowing you to rely on your peers for support. Connecting with other students facing the same challenges also helps eliminate the fear of public speaking.

Moreover, consider an online public speaking course if you wish to improve your public speaking skills when giving virtual presentations. Similarly, an in-person class may be the better option if you want to learn how to talk in front of a live audience.

If you are looking to improve your speech in public, plenty of other factors are involved, such as letting go of the fear of failure and trying new self-improvement methods. These are the first steps toward significant change.

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