Your VA Quit, Now What?

STEP 1 Listen & Learn

Picture it; That dreaded moment when you’re busier than a preacher on a hot Sunday Morning in the deep south (They are super busy!). You’ve got so many balls in the air you’re just praying one will not come crashing down on your head.  


Then, in your morning meeting, it happens. Those dreaded words, “I’m leaving. Thanks for all you’ve done but it’s time for me to move onto the next big project in my life and business.”


It’s the moment you will remember for a while that instantly adds another pretty major ball in the air. And this one, you can’t afford to drop. Your sheriff of an assistant is leaving and you’ve got to find someone to step into your business ASAP.  


Today’s guest has worked with the best in the business world, including cutting her teeth with Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn. You want to pause, listen to this episode of Sell Like A Woman The Podcast, now. Then bookmark this page so when that day happens, you know who to call – and it’s not ghostbusters! It’s Trivinia!