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Your Hot Copy- How To Inside

STEP 1 Listen & Learn

Hey Beautiful,

Today I have the hottest treat for you.

Anyone running a business understands the power of language and how important it is to communicate your value to your customers. But very few can add personality into that copy and make it HAWT!.  

Well todays guest Jamie Jensen, is the “Founder & CEO of Your Hot Copy and Creator of Story School” and you WANT to meet her.  

Her Instagram posts are so good I want to hire her every dang time I see one. AND she’s sharing how you can do the same thing when you post on social media!  

Make your customers want to buy from you, that’s a skill you can’t miss.

Jamie Jensen is the founder and CEO of Your Hot Copy, a digital copywriting agency for entrepreneurs with big hearts and bigger personalities. She’s used the power of the written word to help her clients (and herself) increase their sales by as much as 900%. To date, Your Hot Copy has worked with over 300 amazing clients (and counting). Prior to creating marketable content for the internet, Jamie was creating marketable content for the big screen. Her indie romantic comedy film Hannah Has a Ho-Phase won her the Best Feature Writer award at the La Femme Film Fest in 2013. Jamie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Storytelling from New York University, and a Master’s in Producing from the University of Southern California. You can learn more about Jamie and her upcoming story masterclass at