Sexy Sales Follow Up Questions

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Let’s dive into some interesting sales follow up statistics first.  According to several experts:

  • 48% of Sales people never follow up with a prospect.  And yes, if you have a product or service you are trying to get someone to buy – you ARE a sales person!
  • 45% of Sales people stop after a second contact.
  • 12% of Sales people stop after a third contact.
  • 2% of Sales are made on the first contact.
  • 3% of Sales are made on the second contact
  • 5% of Sales are made on the third contact
  • 80% of Sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact – Let that sink in as you listen to this week’s episode.

Listen to podcast for answers and recommendations by Kendrick and Chelle.

9:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by Anna Rose– How do I follow up with somebody who had mentioned to me in person a few times that they had no interest in coaching. I don’t know how to follow up with somebody without it feeling like I have an agenda to get them as a client? How do I follow up with them in a genuine way that is caring about them as a person, but also opens the door up for them to work with you if that’s what they want to do.

17:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by Sarah Turino– I’ve spent a long time (years) giving away stuff for free. I’m concerned about how to transition people into paying customers.

22:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by Natalie Erickson – How do I follow up to the “Let me check with my husband” and the “husband says no”. Or when I get ghosted. How long after do you follow up and in what format do you follow up? How many is too many follow ups?

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