Prospecting With Purpose

The key to prospecting with purpose is being consistent. Click To Tweet

Welcome to the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling community so that you have what you need NOW. Authentic Selling® The Podcast is totally FREE coaching FOR YOUR Business complete with show notes and free resources just for YOU!  In January the community said that they needed more training on how to locate potential customers. So we covered how to find new customers, where to find them and we’re wrapping up the month with prospecting.

Prospecting is all about consistency.  It’s not sexy, but you have to do it. So let’s wrap up the month with some prospecting action items to take with you throughout 2019:

Step #1: Pull out your calendar for February and plug in your prospecting time
Step #2: When you are prospecting it is vital that you DO NOT SELL!  Why? Because the person doesn’t know you.
Step #3: Lastly, Be of service!  This is as easy as simply helping someone without expectation of anything in return.
Step #4: Follow Up, because when you follow up, you double your sales.



02:45 It’s not sexy! 41% of Sales Reps say they hate to do this one thing!
08:11 When prospecting, DO NOT sell anything!  Why?
09:38 Be of service – how do I do that? Enroll in Sales School 2019 as we are adding more broken down trainings on how to be of service, including word-for-word scripts ready for you to use!
11:30 How do I stand out in the online world?
13:14 Never do anything that makes you feel icky, sleezy, slimy or gross.
16:00 When you do all of these steps and prospect with purpose a couple new things will start happening for you.


19:33 Listener Question #1 submitted by Sarah Michelle Brown How do you get people to take the step to jump in for a free mini session. If nurturing our dream clients is like dating, I want to make sure that I’m moving at a pace that is not too fast OR too slow. How do we know when it’s the right time to get her on the (video) phone?
30:52 Listener Question #1 submitted by Holly OstroutI have a great average open rate and average click rate on my emails, but I’d like to get more interactive engagement from my subscribers. Is there anything I can do (other than asking a direct question at the end) to get subscribers who clicked through to a blog post to comment on the post itself…or respond in some other way?
39:02 Listener Question #1 submitted by Mimi BishopI know webinars are a great way to create engagement.  If your list is not tremendous in size, what is the best way to get people to sign up for your webinar?
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