The Most Embarrassing Moment In My Career…..(Can’t Miss)

podcastcoverv2In this episode of the Kendrick Shope Show, author, media personality, and sales expert Kendrick Shope interviews renowned sales expert and role model Grant Cardone. They speak candidly about Grant’s road to success and the obstacles along the way as well as talking about Grant’s new book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average.” [TWEET THAT]

It started out as the biggest interview of my life…and ended up as the most embarrassing moment of my career.

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my heroes. Grant Cardone is a sales genius. I‘ve followed his work for nearly a decade and read every book he’s written.

But, you know me. I’m pretty grounded. I mean people are people, right? I don’t get starstruck easily.

During the interview, I was on fire! I felt like I’d just won the Super Bowl! At the end of the interview when the one and only Grant Cardone was walking off the set, I heard him say to someone, “She’s awesome!” and I felt my chest expand with pride.

But then, I listened back to the interview.

As I heard the way I’d behaved, my face went bright red. I was mortified. I wanted to crawl into a hole.

It turns out that all that time that I thought I was on fire, I’d been behaving like 13 year old me at a New Kids On The Block Concert. I was a total Grant fangirl – and not in a good way!

I was so giddy.

And it gets worse. I just agreed with everything he said because I was so dazzled I didn’t even realize what I was saying.  

As reviewed the interview, I realized, “No wonder Grant thought I was awesome, I was literally falling all over myself to compliment him!”.

Confession: I seriously considered not sharing this interview because it makes me look so silly.

But the truth is, it has great content from Grant, if you can get past my swooning. He talks about how to get what you want in life and how he overcame nearly everyone telling him his dreams were too big and to give up. Despite the gushing, you’ll learn a lot!

So slip into my shoe of embarrassment and hear my obsession for the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Grant Cardone.



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