You Need To Go Obama On Your Customers

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Welcome to the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling community so that you have what you need NOW. Authentic Selling® The Podcast is totally FREE coaching FOR YOUR Business complete with show notes and free resources just for YOU!  Did you miss the 10 Steps to Sales Pages that Convert? Make sure to check out this FREE TRAINING over in the Authentic Selling Community!

In this episode we are talking all about Copywriting tips that convert for you and your business.  Don’t worry, this copy changing tool has nothing to do with politics, despite the name….so head on over and listen as I go Obama on you.  Oh you’ll want to stick around for this as I’m about to tell you how to cause people to pay MORE attention to YOU!




03:45 Research shows that when people (your potential customer) are multi-tasking, they are using about the same brain capacity of someone smoking marijuana.
05:00 The Presidential debate that sparked a copy writing tool.
07:30 Listen to a side-by-side example of how the Obama Tool works


19:33 Listener Question #1 submitted by Melanie Campbell I held a contest a couple weeks ago to offer a free call or prize  How often would you do a contest on FB or IG? And if I did it 2 times a month to increase traffic, does that actually cheapen the process of working with me and look desperate?  Or does bringing more traffic increase my impact through visibility?

30:52 Listener Question #1 submitted by Melanie Campbell I’ve written a blog about baby’s sleep with a common question that mothers ask.  From an SEO perspective it seems that the question as the title would be better. But from an engagement perspective, it seems that I might get more clicks and social media engagement by using a more catchy “take and tweak” style headline.  Is one better than the other?

39:02 Listener Question #1 submitted by Mimi Bishop I know it’s better to have less offers on our website so that we don’t confuse our customers.  What is your opinion on having a smaller offer that introduces your client to your work. Kind of like a small funnel for those not as confident, so they can work with you on a smaller investment, get to know you and you can then upsell them once they have built their confidence in you.

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