Getting Customers To YES Faster

I’m all for savoring a hot cup of Starbucks or taking time to smell the roses.  There are moments in my life that are so good I wish they would go on and on. (Cue the first meeting with Joe Mac From New Kids On The Block!)

BUT getting my customers to know, like, and trust me isn’t one of the things that I wish to drag out.  

As sure as my hair is red, I’m willing to bet if you could speed up this part of the sales process, you would love to do just that so you can get onto helping others!

Communication expert, Kate Boyd dropped by the show today and she’s letting you know what you can do to increase and speed up the know, like, and trust factor in your business.

It’s all for you and your business right here.

Prefer to watch the video, check it out here 

About today’s guest: Kate Boyd,Virtual CMO + Launch Strategy

After raising seven figures in revenue for a non-profit organization through powerful messaging, copywriting and marketing, Kate Boyd started her own business Cobblestone Creative Co. to focus on bringing more creativity and genuine connection to the digital marketing space. In the three years since, she has built three profitable online businesses and created live and automated marketing and sales experiences that convert up to five times the normal rates. Kate developed her signature system, Conversion with Compassion, to help solopreneurs use human-driven communication and behavior-based targeting to get the right message to the right people at the right time in order to create conversion opportunities. This method focuses on high conversion rates that can effectively leverage audiences large or small.



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