Gender, Race, and More. What It Takes For ALL Women To Succeed

Hey Beautiful,

Is it more difficult for women to succeed?

Do African American women have a harder time creating a business online that makes money?

How can YOU create your own economy?

You can tell it’s October because we’re covering the scary stuff that no one else wants to discuss this month.

We’re getting real with Chareen Goodman today. Anyone who runs a business, this is a must listen.

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About today’s guest: Chareen Goodman is The Leadership Mixologist™ who uses her special blend of “leadership mixology”​ to catapult people to their place called “Leader.” She is a leadership development and lifestyle design expert. As a Life Coach she has miracle causing conversations that enable clients to see past their drama, deceptions, delusions and distractions in order to create a clearing for a vibrant life and real results that makes their life, business and career worthwhile. Clients describe her as an iron sharpener, a magnetic voice that draws out the potential seeking to be set free, a sage guide to star guides, and the light that shines to reveal the blind spots that keep people in darkness. Chareen works with heart inspired, purposed-defined entrepreneurs, business owners and seasoned professionals who seek to have a prosperous, profitable and pleasurable life while building a career or business that fully supports them. It’s all about the lifestyle!