How To Use Free Training As Follow Up To Increase Sales

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Welcome to the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling community so that you have what you need NOW. Authentic Selling® The Podcast is totally FREE coaching FOR YOUR Business complete with show notes and free resources just for YOU!  In this episode we are talking about how FREE Training is a form of sales follow up.  We’ll also answer the top question – “Can you give too much for Free?”


02:00 What do truck drivers have in common with the online business world?

04:00 There’s always something new when it comes to free trainings. Check out a few different methods going back to when I started and free “tele-seminars” were all the rage.

05:15 How much is too much when it comes to free training?

7:23 What is Free Training? A great example is the Free Training series coming on April 1st – Sales School Mini Term.  Free Training is also part of the follow up process under “Prospecting” and “Engagement”.  After someone enjoys your free training and they come back for more, that’s when you engage in “Follow Up”.

11:30 By constantly showing up on social media, or your medium of choice, you turn prospecting and engaging into a way of following up.

12:40 What is a “Silent Close”?


  • 19:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by Susanna Reay I help introverts build their online business.  What are your top tips for those who really don’t like putting themselves out there.  How can they feel more confident selling? It’s tough when we see sales people who are super extroverted, so I’d love to hear your top tips for those of us who are more introverted and hiding from selling.
  • 28:11 Listener Question #2 submitted by Sarah Michelle Brown When it comes to how you show up on Facebook (in groups and on your pages), how do you deal with the sheer volume of content you need to create in order to show up in all of the places? How do you know where you can double up in content (things you can post in all 3 places versus posting in one of those places)?
  • 39:00 Listener Question #3 submitted by Erin Neri As a sleep consultant, how do I best market a newborn package to my welcome wagon people?  I have a newborn to 4 month package and right now I mostly focus on email marketing and doorknob hangers. But I would like to think outside the marketing box and maybe doing a contest?


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