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STEP 1 Listen & Learn

Hey Beautiful,

The older you get the more you realize it’s important to do what you love each day.  But it can feel difficult to decide what that thing is.

Even more scary is when you find that thing and it requires a leap of faith and massive action.  

Monika Villarreal took just that action and she’s got some advice for anyone looking to make change in the new year.  And let’s face it, everyone is looking to improve year over year, even if you act like you’re not into the resolution thing!

It’s a time to reflect, set goals, and dream for how wonderful the next 365 days will be.

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About today’s guest: Monika Villarreal, Mindset & Business Coach 

Monika Villarreal empowers women to ditch the doubt, work through their fears, decide what they really want and taking decisive action to get it. Ultimately this get them more clients, more money and allows them to make more an impact. As a Certified Life Coach and Authentic Selling Instructor, Monika’s strength is bringing out the uniqueness of each woman by uncovering crippling mindset blocks, deconstructing limiting belief systems, and freeing her clients to pursue the limitless potential within themselves. Monika is also a single mom and a woman making it all work and you can too! 
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