Finding More Customers

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Welcome to the first episode of the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling Community so that you have what you need NOW. Authentic Selling® The Podcast is totally FREE coaching FOR YOUR Business complete with show notes and free resources just for YOU! So let’s dive in to 2019 with one of the most asked sales questions of all time: “How do I find more customers?”



08:12 The definition of selling is, the exchange of money for a product or service.
09:05 The Seven steps of selling
11:30 The definition of Sales Prospecting
12:45 The founder of Walmart, Sam Walton’s, unique way of Sales Prospecting for the opening of the very first Walmart store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Watch my recent visit to the first Walmart ever.
18:58 Look outside of your own industry for inspiration. Lisa Copeland did just that by bringing the fashion industry to her car dealership and she won BIG!
21:15 9 Nine ways to find more customers starting today – Click Here to grab the complete list of 25 Ways to Get Customers


23:25 Listener Question #1 submitted by Erica Antonetti – How do you suggest we find clients if we are leaning toward getting rid of social media/Facebook due to data and privacy concerns?
29:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by by Uma Girish – I’m seeking clients who are ready for transformation. I feel an energy of up leveling moving through me and my intention is to draw like-minded women to work with me. My list reflects who I used to be. How do I navigate this change?
32:50 Listener Question #1 submitted by Mimi Bishop – Most of my prospecting comes from building genuine relationships both on and offline. While I love this, it takes time to build these relationships. Do you have any suggestions for prospecting that has quicker results?
35:50 Listener Question #1 submitted by Carolyn from North Carolina – How do you even know where to get started? What’s the most important thing I could do today?


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