Copywriting Tips That Convert

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Welcome to Fabulous February in the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling community so that you have what you need NOW. Authentic Selling® The Podcast is totally FREE coaching FOR YOUR Business complete with show notes and free resources just for YOU!  In this episode we are talking all about Copywriting tips that convert for you and your business.



02:56 What is one of the biggest misconceptions about “Copywriting”? Isn’t it just the words written on your website?
04:36 Here is one of the biggest mistakes people make when writing copy for their website, emails and social media
05:35 Should you use abbreviations in your copy?
06:48 Cue your inner Prince and let’s talk about the KISS method when it comes to copywriting!
08:02 Here are the easy ways to create any piece of copy with your sales map
09:30 Did you watch the Super Bowl commercials?  Which one did you think was THE WORST? I share my pick with you and how it relates to copywriting.
13:10 There is a difference between Copywriting and Sales Copywriting.
28:00 When you give people more than 3 options, you risk potential customers getting confused and buying nothing.  Also, it’s so much easier to market one service at a time!
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15:25 Listener Question #1 submitted by Karen Grill– If I have a bite sized offer around time management for mompreneurs – I can definitely deliver that.  But I also do more than just time management, so how do I let them know that I have a much bigger piece than just time management in terms of systems and productivity, how do I let them know that I can do more than just my bite size offer?

19:55 Listener Question #1 submitted by Susete Pinto– Since I’ve taken Sales School, my email conversion rate has increased dramatically, approximately 80-90%. But my question is, I have leads from Sales calls from 2 years ago when I first started my business that never booked.  They are a part of my email list – should I continue to reach out to them personally, and if so – how often should I? Or should I archive them since they are already a part of my email list and getting my weekly blog emails.

24:05 Listener Question #1 submitted by Mimi Bishop – If you have a specific package that you sell on your website and it’s very specific to a particular process, should you also put on your website your availability to work 1:1 with clients?

Say what you mean, Write your copy exactly how you say it. Clear and specific. Click To Tweet



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