Do You Need A Career Change? Do I?

Hey Beautiful,

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and just “run Forest run?”  Even when you live your dream and do what you love every day there are times when it can feel freeing to just throw in the towel and start over.

One of the hardest parts of running a business is staying consistent when you think your soul may be telling you to find something you feel more passionate about.  

Katrina McGee drops by the show and helps me decide if I need a new career and how to get to my core desired feelings.  All of which creates consistency in your business so that you know when to throw in the towel and when you just need a break.  

Prefer to watch the video, check it out here 

About today’s guest: Katrina McGee, Certified Life Coach and MBA

Katrina McGhee is a professionally-certified life coach and MBA who empowers her clients to break from their current, conventional careers to create the lives they really want. After a life in corporate America as an healthcare actuary and then market researcher after receiving her MBA at UNC Chapel Hill, Katrina eventually realized the corporate grind was not for her, and saved $40,000 in just 18 months and embarked on a 20-month career break to travel around the world.

Now, she is a life coach who supports people who know they too need to change their lives and helps them to create a clear vision and a plan to bring it to life and get them from where they are to where they want to be. Her advice on successful career breaks, managing money and international travel has been shared across various websites, blogs and podcasts including Forbes, HuffPost, Business News Daily,, Brit+Co and Extra Pack of Peanuts.

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