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We’re back and I’ve fallen in love with doing this Podcast. It feels good, really good to be back!

Welcome back to the Authentic Selling® The Podcast where we answer questions submitted by the Authentic Selling community so that you have what you need NOW.  One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE free coaching and that is exactly what we’re doing for the rest of the year here on Authentic Selling® The Podcast, starting right now.   

Listen to podcast for answers and recommendations by Kendrick and Chelle.

4:00 Listener Question #1 submitted by Trischana I have all of the things to launch my business (Leadpages, Xero, Acuity, etc). How do I know that it’s all connected to make the sale go smoothly? Also, how do I make a cart that someone can buy multiple things in?

10:30 Listener Question #1 submitted by Kate Farrall – I’ve been thinking about my opt in and had a couple questions. 1 – Should I always promote my opt in as “FREE” in the text, when I’m selling it/promoting it on social? 2 – Should I always post it on social media platforms using a separate image or an image or just use the preview link?

13:15 Listener Question #1 submitted by Becky Moore I have a coaching practice launching in January and I’m curious how I should be planing to level up in year 1, 2 and 3. More specifically, how do you utilize technology (and what technology) and automation to allow yourself to reach more people and have more clients in shorter amounts of time, given that there are only so many hours in each day.

Reference: Acuity –  Affordable Scheduling, Checkout Cart and Reminder Email system

20:30 Listener Question #1 submitted by Czarina Ph.D.– Thank you so much for the overview before of how to sell current coaching clients on renewing their coaching package. I have a new place where I got stuck I got nervous writing the email inviting the current clients to the bonus call. It started to feel like a bait and switch for me. So I am wondering the following:

A) How do I invite the current client to the call so it doesn’t feel like a bait and switch?
B) How long is that call in total?
C) How much do I spend celebrating the client?
D) How do I do that in a clear way so it feel a like a great value to them?

26:30 Listener Question #1 submitted by Kylie– I am so excited that I joined Sales School and I am trying to figure out what I need to do to be ready? What do you recommend people do to get the most out of the Sales School experience?

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