2017: The Year of You

STEP 1 Listen & Learn

‘Tis the time of year for self-improvement, right?  

  • Gym
  • Eating healthy
  • More “me” time
  • Less work
  • More happiness
  • And on and on

I’m all for opportunities to improve the quality of life and happiness. I’m ashamed to admit I think most people, including myself make promises/resolutions only to wind up feeling deflated.

I’ve beat myself up and wonder why I can’t just commit to the changes I want.  

Ever felt that way?

But you have something that can cut through those times of doubt. You believe what you want is possible and believing is more than half the battle of making 2017 everything you planned and promised it would be.  

You know me; I’m not a half ass kind of woman, but I’m also a straight shooter.

There’s no way I’m the expert on self care, but lucky for you and me, I invited the “it” woman of 2017, and a dear friend, Susan Hyatt, to share exactly what we need to do beyond simply believing in our plans to make them real. [TWEET THAT]

Check out Sell Like A Woman below and take a listen to my candid interview with the one and only Susan Hyatt.

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