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60% Higher Conversions

60% Higher Conversions

I never really liked numbers or math all that much. It absolutely wasn’t my strong suite in school.  But when I became a sales representative, something odd happened; I fell in love with statistics.

As a professional saleswoman, often I had 30 seconds or less to make an impression. That’s when my love affair with stats really heated up.  Statistics make an impression. They’re not just someone’s opinion; they’re empirical evidence that support a claim and prove its value.

Today’s Authentic Selling™ Challenge has no video; just good ol’ print and a challenge to increase your open rates up to 60%.

According to Contact Monkey, email and blog subject lines longer than three words experience a 60% drop in reader open rates. That’s a 60% drop in potential customers!

If people aren’t opening your emails, how are you going to sell them on your next amazing offer?

This week’s Authentic Selling™ challenge, should you chose to accept, is to whittle down your next blog or email subject line to three words or less. Remember to focus on the big benefit so your readers will be eager to read what you have to say.

Leave your “before and after” subject lines in the comments; I’d love to see how you’re boosting readers (and potential customers)!


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