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5 tips for new sales reps

5 tips for new sales reps

What makes a good sales representative?
Are people just born great at sales?
And let’s face it, who really cares about being good at selling?
I mean if you’re not good at sales, does it really matter?

In a word?

Yes, selling is included in everything you do as a human, not just your business.

We sell our kids on doing their homework.
We sell our spouses/partners to help with housework or eat at the restaurant we are craving.
We sell ourselves on believing our dreams are still possible, that we’re not too dumb, too old, too young.
And yes we sell our future customers on seeing the value of paying you money for your product and services.

What are the qualities of a good sales rep?

I bet you have some of them and just need to know how to use them authentically. Find out on today’s Authentic Selling® TV.

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