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5 Questions To More Sales

5 Questions To More Sales

You’ve got the website.  You’ve taken all the classes.  You’re working your bridge job to make ends meet.  You’ve had that “awkward” conversation with your loved ones about following your dreams.  You’ve got an amazing opt-in and video on your home page.

There’s only one problem.  You’re not selling anything.  Why is that a problem? Not selling anything equals no money and you’re not getting to do what you love every day.

Often times women newer in business, invest in all the steps above (which are important) but drop the ball on the piece of copy that is going to engage your target customer and entice them to purchase your product or service.  Your Sales Page!

Today’s KTV shares a 5 question strategy that will help you create more engaging web copy and turn your copy into a selling machine! (Tweet That Here)

Oh and have you heard me say how would a 5 year old describe what you do?  Be sure to watch the END of KTV and see this strategy backfire on me!

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