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5 Headlines That Convert

5 Headlines That Convert

I can hardly express how good it feels to be out of the bed and back to helping your business make money with each new Authentic Selling Challenge.

While I was laid up, I did some research about my favorite subject—besides New Kids On The Block and shopping! I wasn’t allowed to be on the computer so I listened to some of my favorite sales books and was reminded of a topic we cover in Sales School that you need to know if you ever write emails, blogs, or any type of sales communication.

This tip will save you hours and will help ensure your emails get opened instead of going into the “Read later” pile or the trash.

Headlines and email subjects may be the most important part of any written sales communication. The subject acts as a gatekeeper to your information. In pharmaceutical sales, the gatekeeper is usually the person at the front desk. They had all the power because, ultimately, the gatekeeper decides if you’re getting back to see the doctor or if you’ve wasted a trip.

Your headlines and subjects act the same way. If it’s not enticing enough to get the reader to open, then your message about your amazing product or service will not end up in the hands of your potential customer.

Language matters and lucky for us, there has been a lot of research done on what types of headlines and email subject lines convert best. [TWEET THIS]

The Top 5 Headlines That Convert

  1.  Asking a question in your email subject is the 5th most popular technique.

Example of #5: Do you use these attention-grabbing tricks in your headlines?


  1.  An Information Headline (a headline that promises to provide information) is fourth best at boosting your open rates.

Example of #4: Best New Fashion Trends For Fall


  1.  How-To headlines or subjects are the 3rd most effective way to get people to pay attention.

Example of #3: How To Create A Million Dollar Online Business


  1. Reader Responsibility headlines (those that inspire your readers to take action) are considered the 2nd most popular method of converting browsers into readers.

Example of #2: Why You Need To Upgrade Your Closet, STAT


  1. Using a number in your headline is the most effective way to get readers to check out what you’ve written.

Examples of # 1: 10 Ways To Spice Up Your Monday


There you have it!

Next Steps for you:

Grab your free Take-n-Tweak Headlines here.

  1. This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge is to use the research above and create your next headline.
  2. Post it below so we can all see your hard work and effective headline.
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