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4 Steps To Overcome Objections

4 Steps To Overcome Objections

Recently, a colleague asked me about the future of my brand and business. She pointed out that I have an entertainment factor because of all my singing and slang! That’s just who I am: big personality. But it’s what she said next that led to the biggest “Aha” moment of my business.

I’m thankful for this truth teller’s presence in my life because what she said next was the kick in the rear I needed. My successful and respected colleague told me, “I had no idea how smart you were until I went through Sales School.” Unsure what she meant, I asked for clarification. My friend said, “I knew your people adored you, but I really had no clue the value you could add to my business.”

Talk about a wake-up moment for me! My brand and business had become more based on personality than results.

There’s a hidden lesson here for your business. Surround yourself with smart people who are willing to tell you the truth. Your plans, dreams, and bank account will forever thank you for having those people around.

Authentic Selling™ has always been about revenue, results, and raving fans. (Tweet That Here)

Over the next month and a half, Kendrick Shope LLC will enter a new phase—and that’s fabulous news for your business.

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing nothing but brainstorming how Authentic Selling™ will help your business increase revenue, results, and raving fans in 2015. Today’s K TV is your first preview as to how we’re going to do that.

If you’re selling a product or service, you’re going to hear objections. “I can’t afford it” or “I need to think about it” are two of the most common statements that can block a sale from moving forward and you from getting paid. Over the next few weeks, I’m sharing some of the tools I created as part of Authentic Selling™ that will allow you to overcome any objection.

Strut your stuff on over here to learn Overcoming Objection Tool #1 and when to use it.

I believe in you and your business.
Let’s do this.


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