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3 Letters Can Change Your Biz(Remix Wk 2)

3 Letters Can Change Your Biz(Remix Wk 2)

It’s week two of the Remix Your Biz Challenge—this one is a game changer.

First, I want to make sure you read last week’s challenge where I got a smack down from my personal business ninja. If you missed it, check it out here.

I’m sharing a fundamental that even surprised me when I added it to my list of things to do. Why? Because I’m not very good at this. As a matter of fact, one of my dear friends and creator of The Brand Camp, the amazing Kristen Kalp, recently called me out for not including it.

You’re going to think that this isn’t possible as a tangible fundamental, but last year I created two campaigns based entirely on these three little letters that resulted in adding over 400 people to my email list—that’s pretty tangible. (Tweet That Here!)

I guarantee that if you allow this to elude you, you will find yourself dried up, overtired, and burned out, meaning you won’t be able to do what you love every day. Challenge extended. Are you ready to Remix Your Biz?

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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