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20 CEOs Agree: You’ll Fail Without This

20 CEOs Agree: You’ll Fail Without This

I’m not going to dance around; When I uncovered today’s Authentic Selling™ statistic, I was as pumped as a kid starting summer break.

This stat is no shock to me, but it was a shock that 20 CEO’s agreed with me. Seriously, I bet it’s hard to get 20 CEOs to agree on the color of the sky!

But this one thing is so important to the success of your business, they all agree. Now, you may not care what a CEO thinks, after all you’re running a small business. But make no mistake, this applies to EVERY single business.

What is the one skill required to succeed?

INC. interviewed 20 CEOs and asked them the one skill that has contributed most to their success. What’s shocking is all twenty said the exact same skill was critical to success in business.

The one skill required to succeed in any business is selling.

This isn’t a surprise to me; Without sales skills, your business will not make money. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact.

Your Authentic Selling™ Challenge is to ask yourself, “How comfortable am I with selling?”. It doesn’t need to feel pushy or icky, but you do need to make peace with how to sell in your business.

I’ll ask again; How comfortable are you with selling, really? What about when someone says they can’t afford to work with you, or when you’re conducting a sales consult? Do your hands get sweaty or do you start babbling?

Early enrollment opens for Sales School today—it’s your opportunity to master the one skill set required to succeed in business AND it’s statistically proven to make your business money.

You can’t afford not to click here and learn more.

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