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11% OF Businesses That Make Money Do This-Are You?

11% OF Businesses That Make Money Do This-Are You?

What a week!  I hope you were able to visit with me last week as I got raw and real about the changes that have been going on behind the scenes and we said a final goodbye to K TV.  Thank you.

Now onto new beginnings and challenges for your business and mine. One of the things I love about selling (aside from the fact it makes your business money) is that there is proven research showing what creates results and what’s a waste of time.

As my team and I sat down to plan how we could “up our game” for you each week, I became completely stuck (It happens to everyone!). At the 11th hour, one of the amazing women I work with emailed me an idea so brilliant, the minute I read it, I was sold. I can hardly wait to share this new structure with you.

I’m like you; I’m busy making money and running a business.  As a woman who loves to learn, I can get bogged down in wondering what to apply and how to hit my goal.  It’s time to make selling simple so you can easily make money.

Each week, I’ll be sharing facts and figures about increasing your sales and making more money in your business. Super simple and straight to the point. That data will be followed by a weekly challenge, proven to make money for your business.

Let’s make your business some money, Honey, with the first ever, Authentic Selling™ Challenge.

Are you up to the challenge? If so, TWEET IT to others so they can join in on the money-making fun!

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