It’s a pretty exciting day here; We’re kicking off “Sell Like A Woman TV”! And that means exciting freebies headed your way!

Why The Change?  

After being in business nearly 6 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Helping you is very important to me. Our goal is always to create a raving fan with every interaction because that’s proof we’ve done our job well. If you’re pleased, then we’re pleased. It’s the most basic sales tip in the book.  

Take care of your customer or someone else will!

After six years of K TV and blogging I wanted to change the look and feel of K TV to be more in line with who I have become as a business woman  

2016 was a messy year for me and I’ve tried to share as much of that with you as possible so you can learn from my mistakes. However, even in messy times, there’s progress and today is a result of some of that progress.

Sell Like A Woman

Authentic Selling has taken on a life of its own. Now more than ever, we need to engage in activities that are authentic and real.

Sell Like A Woman is the name of the upcoming book, possible reality TV show, our new podcast, and on now our weekly online TV show will be Sell Like A Woman as well.

You can expect the same fun, same money-making sales tips, in a way that hopefully creates more raving fans.  

You deserve the best training, the best advice,and the best delivery. Our weekly content, is 100% FREE, but I still want to make sure it’s valuable, because you’re what makes this job worth doing every single day.  

So K TV, singing in the office, and poor lighting has been replaced with Sell Like A Woman TV—same expert advice, same Kendrick, upleveled delivery and setting for YOU.

Without further ado, check out Sell Like A Woman TV here

Please leave a comment below and let me know what questions you want me to address about your business on future episodes of Sell Like A Woman TV.

I believe in you & your business.