I’m Looking For A Few Fabulous Stand-Out Business Owners

Remember when owning your own business sounded like freedom?
When you planned to give a flip about your customers AND make money?
When blazing your own trail sounded more exciting and less exhausting?
It’s time to pour gas on the flames:

Become A Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor & Ignite Your Business.

You’re not cut out for the daily grind: The 9-5, corporate heels, and office birthday cake. You run your own show.

But sometimes, it runs you.

  • You’re working your tail off but you’re still counting down the dollars to the end of the month.
  • You’ve drained your particular pool of clients and want to branch out—but you’re not sure how. Or with what.  
  • The harder you hustle, the bigger your bills and the thought of starting over makes you want to puke.
  • You know you can make an idea work if someone would just point you in the right direction and get out of your way.

You want a business you love that makes you money and you want it NOW.

Is that too much to ask?

What if there was a ready-made business plan to make more money and still live up to your ideals?

A business-in-a-box that blends with your existing work, meshes with your skills and genuinely helps people.

  • You don’t have to take time out of your schedule for brainstorming or beta testing.
  • You won’t have to piece together a new offer from survey responses. And you won’t spend years deciphering the experts’ cheatsheet.
  • A business plan that accelerates your success and multiplies the number of clients you love working with.

It’s already here.
It’s Authentic Selling®.

It’s taken years of sweat, silent tears, sinking stomach aches, and a-ha moments to fine tune Authentic Selling®. It’s the:

  • Knowledge and experience you get from a lifetime of sales, in a handy checklist.
  • Only system on the market that lets you sell to clients and help them at the same time.
  • Fairy godmother, you prayed, would “Just SHOW ME WHAT TO DO!”

And it’s available now to transform your business.

The Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor program was designed for you. You’re:

  • Primed for expansion but unsure how to merge it with your niche.
  • Smart, hard-working and ready to go – you just need a detailed road map.
  • Ready to set yourself apart by weaving some old-fashioned values into your business basics.

The Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor program is an instant blueprint that lets you run your business, your way, while turning a profit, and getting that rush that comes from knowing you thrilled your clients.

Because, if we’re being honest, you want your business to do two things: Put money in the bank and a smile on your client’s face.

You can do both.

The Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor Program is your step-by-step business plan to:

  • Excel at selling in a way that makes you proud.
  • Turn a profit in your business without the years of trial and error.
  • Become one of the first owners of the exclusive title of Authentic Selling Instructor®.
  • Break down and teach intricate selling techniques so your clients are empowered, profitable, and a constant source of referrals.

The Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor Program is a six week, detailed training program that will set your business on fire.

  • It starts with Sales School. You’ll not only see Sales School through the eyes of past students, but we’ll break down the teaching technique behind every topic, every lesson, every strategy so you not only understand the how, but the why.
  • Next, we’ll get up close and personal with your business. You’ll get my own personal, one-on-one help to implement Authentic Selling® into your business and create a plan to help you make $500,000. We’ll highlight what’s working and rebuild areas where you could do more. Authentic Selling® will help you grow your business while is serves as the base for helping your clients.
  • We’ll spend time covering the theory and application of Authentic Selling® so you’ll be prepared to teach your own clients and help them create customized solutions to their business problems no matter what pops up.
  • You’ll be exposed to dozens of potential new clients. We’ll work out a strategy to seamlessly combine your current expertise with your new skills to convert sales opportunities into paying ones.
  • You’ll spend time running your own Authentic Selling® group where you can try out your new instruction skills and get immediate feedback on what works and new ideas on how to teach Authentic Selling® your way.
  • We’ll meet weekly to check in on your business and handle any questions you have about mastering Authentic Selling®. Any problem you have we’ll solve together in a way that is unique to you and your business so you never feel like you’re working for somebody else.
  • When it’s all said and done, you’ll be granted the title of Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor, one of the first in the world. You’ll be able to use all the skills you’ve gathered to build your business in any direction you want while helping clients sell in a way that makes them feel amazing.

What More Could You Ask For?

The graduates of the Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor program will be the only coaches in the world authorized to teach this business-changing material.


When business owners are stuck—when they genuinely want to help and don’t know how, they’ll turn to the only certified expert who can help them; You.

Imagine how your business and your life would change when you:

  • Coach other business owners on making their businesses thrive while feeling satisfied at the end of every day.
  • Pay all your bills at once with room to spare and no longer check your bank balance before going out with friends.
  • Start working with a whole new pool of clients with new ideas and new opportunities while still using your expertise.
  • No longer worry over how to make something happen in your business because you have all the tools (and know-how) to grow your business and big as you can dream.

You can.

It’s time to create the spark that will light your business fire.

Become A Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor here.

Got Questions? Email us at AuthenticSelling@kendrickshope.com

For the cost of working with just a few clients a month, you can have access to:

  • The Authentic Selling® Manual filled with examples for every email, piece of copy or conversation about selling that you can have. Unique situation come up? We’ll tailor make a reply. You’ll never be at a loss for words again.
  • Feedback and individual coaching on how to grow your business to $500,000 and beyond. Your business isn’t run of the mill and neither are your plans. Everything we do will be tuned to the way you want to run your business—making money never felt so good.
  • The smartest group of business women around. Authentic Selling® Instructors are interviewed and hand-picked because they have the qualities it takes to be an elite business owner. It’s a group of women you’ll want to know (and work with).
  • A ready-made business plan. Just starting out and don’t know what to do first? Want to expand your already booming business but don’t have enough hours in the day? The Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor program is your ready-set-go business plan to get you from sluggish to selling in no time flat.

Graduates of the Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor program will be the only business owners anywhere, to teach these business-changing techniques. 

You’ll be part of the only group in the world with access to this instant business plan.

And you’ll be the only business owner in the world with your expertise and your experience to use this skills to change your clients’ lives while building a business you love.

Save one of the few seats to become one of the first Certified Authentic Selling® Instructors and change the way you do business, for life.

Six weeks can change your business. This winter, you can be working harder for the same amount of money and struggling to learn the insider’s secret tricks.

Or you can fast-track your business success by becoming a Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor while changing your client’s lives.