You’re  VIP.

You’re no business lightweight.

You’ve already learned it’s not as easy as “hang out where your customers are”.

You’re beyond basic webinars, fill-in-the-blank formulas, and hit-or-miss hacks that leave you waiting for things to fall into place as promised.

What you really need at your level is a practical, personalized plan with a series of simple (and intentional) steps to follow, so your success is practically guaranteed…

Targeted tactics and super-specific strategies that show you how to actually apply tested theories, so you can sidestep confusing guesswork and see results faster…



NOT knowing how to sell is a guaranteed disadvantage in business. And not knowing how to sell in a way that feels good will have you avoiding it altogether.

Sure, you can keep getting knocked out by sales objections and knocking-off your competitor’s strategies. Or you can make one small decision that could change your business today…and every day after.

All you have to do? Is make me your secret sales weapon (nobody else has to know!) by working with me directly to take your business, your skills, and your income to the next level.

“I had about four hours before I was set to host my live webinar, where I was going to sell something. There was only one problem: I hated selling. By some miracle, I was introduced to Kendrick Shope. In just one hour, she was able to help me work on my pitch for the offer I was introducing on the webinar (which I didn’t even have before talking to her). I made $500 in less than 4 days on my first online offering ever! She’s attentive, passionate, and SO much fun!” – Elsa Isaac, Fashion & Image Stylist


So whether you’re trying to:

  • Generate more qualified leads who effortlessly convert into customers
  • Nurture an engaged email list that gets excited to see you in their inbox
  • Detail specifically what you need to say and when to say it on sales calls
  • Get booked out by high-paying clients who are willing to wait to work with you
  • Hook people when they land on your website or sales page
  • Or not botch an upcoming launch you’ve poured WAY too much time and energy into already


A VIP day with me ensures you’ve got the support and undivided 1:1 personal attention you need to accomplish your business goals, so you can make more money while helping more people.

Together, we can engineer a game plan for sales success that works for you the FIRST time, so you can duck the costly risks and time-wasters that I encountered as a Fortune 500 top performing saleswoman.

In other words, my mistakes can be your gain and the full depth and breadth of my 15+ years of sales research, training and strategizing can be ALL yours…in just a few hours.

These hard-earned insights, tested tactics, and behind-the-scenes strategies I’m willing to share with you are the same ones I’ve used to:


  • Build and scale my own million dollar online empire.
  • Grow a 3,000+ wait list for my flagship digital program, Sales School.
  • Develop a proven process for selling called Authentic Selling™ that’s helped 600+ entrepreneurs make millions in sales in a way that feels genuine, not sleazy.


But more importantly, I haven’t just done it for myself. I’ve done it for my clients:


One more ‘hire my help’ package sold today over $1200. I’ve worked with coaches, taken courses, signed up for memberships and joined mastermind groups that didn’t give me half the clarity that I got from 30 minutes on the phone with Kendrick.” – Amy Wright, The Mom Ceo

“With less than a week to go in my sales cycle, I had only sold half the spots in my upcoming online program. I decided to contact Kendrick for a mini-session hoping I could just get some tips on how to make the most of the last few days. Kendrick gave me a step-by-step plan and a full outline for a follow-up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in 5 days, but went over my goal number by 25%! Kendrick is the most generous coach I have ever met. She is the real deal.” – Megan Flatt, Mommy Strategist

If THAT’S achievable within 30 minutes, imagine what could be possible for you and your business if you had an entire day to borrow my brain.





Before I dive into the details, I might as well tell you…if you’re looking for a fun “girl date” at the Sales Spa, this really isn’t for you.

We’re going to WORK. We’re going to break a brain-sweat. You’ve got to be willing to go the distance, because you’ll be pushed to the limits of your stamina (and love every minute of it).

In a few hours, you’ll probably generate more momentum than you have in the last few years, and emerge on fire reinspired.

I’m only opening a LIMITED number of sessions per month for business owners like you who appreciate hands-on, elbow-to-elbow experiences…

People who don’t just want to learn high-level theory, but how to actually apply it for their business…

Modern entrepreneurs who aren’t just out to make a living, but leave a legacy…

And honest, hard workers who are out to give themselves every advantage, knowing the safest bet they can make is on themselves.

On VIP days, YOU are my priority. And because I take your success so seriously, I only work with people I know I can get massive results for.

Your Place Or Mine?

(Because old school traditions meets modern innovation, spiced with a little southern style, is exactly how I like to roll in business.)For in-person VIP days, we’ll meet in Greenville, SC.

Lunch is on me, of course! We’ll indulge in bistro fare and clink cocktail glasses.

*Accommodations and travel costs extra.



To ensure you arrive prepared, we’ll have a pre-work consult to clarify what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, and thoroughly explore what frustrating obstacles are stunting your business growth and putting your sales funnel in a chokehold. This helps you come into your VIP session with your goals front-of-mind, so you get the most out of your time with me.


After you’ve started putting your game plan into motion, we’ll touch base 2 weeks later to troubleshoot what isn’t working for you and face current challenges, so we can pivot and make small adjustments that pack a profitable punch.


Why waste time and energy totally reinventing the wheel when there are already formulas that are proven to work? Take advantage of dozens of take ‘n’ tweak scripts in the library that’ll help you book more consult calls, keep your poise during sales convos, close more clients, and upsell the classy way. Literally cut and paste, then add your personal touch. Whether you’re dealing with a prospect who said they’d get back to you weeks ago (and never did) or someone who emailed you to say that they love your work, but they can’t afford you — there’s a script for that.



Many entrepreneurs find running their own business, writing their own paycheck, and living the laptop lifestyle alluring.

But few are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the results they want or rise to the level of influence they’re capable of.

If you’ve read this far, you’re one of the few who has skin in the game. YOU get it.

Which means I don’t need to break down the investment of a VIP day with me into a daily sacrificial caramel macchiato or tell you why you should take advantage of this opportunity…

Because you value investments in yourself and your business that get real results.

In fact, if the cost was TOO cheap, you probably wouldn’t trust it. (Or me, as the expert who is supposed to make you more confident, more effective, and more competent with sales.)

You understand that growth requires investment, honest effort, testing and tweaking, and a willingness to keep learning and improving — even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable.

But beyond that, you know that even if this is a one-day experience…what you get out of it will pay your business for life.

So no, I’m not going to hard sell you on this, or convince you it’s worth it by breaking down every little feature with crazy brackets (valued at: THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!).

And if the investment seems super steep to you, the truth is, it’s probably not meant for you. It might not be the right time. And that’s ok.

That said, if it makes you feel any better…

I can tell you that you’ll probably make your entire investment back (or maybe,if you’re like one of my clients, 3X your investment) in a matter of mere months. It happens all the time.



It’s way, way more.

It’s a clear, step-by-step system for generating more results, revenue, and raving fans for your business…and serving more people with your skills and expertise.

And because you’ll be walking away with specific-to-you sales strategies and targeted tactics — all done for you, ready to use, and (if you decide for us to focus on emails) completely written — you’ll be getting faster results that come far easier.

I want to make sure that you don’t rob yourself of that unique opportunity…


If you want to keep blindly swinging for the fences, then you can buy a dozen courses or ebooks, ranging from $50 to $10,000. And, you know, keep getting the same results.

But if you’re ready to stop starting and START finishing, apply for your VIP session today. I know you won’t regret it.

I truly believe in you and your business. And if you’re willing to give me the chance, I can prove it to you.Remember: It’s not just about giving you a game plan. It’s about giving you game-changing


Hey Kendrick, who would benefit the most from your VIP experience?

Someone who is…

  • Already a little dangerous in business, and has been established long enough to be beyond basics.
  • Ready to level-up (and willing to do the work it takes to get results).
  • More into implementation than fluff or theory.
  • Teachable and driven, and doesn’t need “coaxing” to take action.
  • Happy to invest in themselves and their business — and knows it’ll be worth it.
  • Open to change and constructive criticism.
  • NOT afraid to get up again after they’ve been knocked down.
  • Looking for comprehensive, personalized guidance that gives them a business roadmap to follow.
  • Already a little familiar with who I am and what I do (or was referred to me by someone who is).
  • Down with my signature whiskey-in-a-teacup consulting style and random Rocky Balboa references.

Are VIP sessions only for coaches?

Definitely not! VIP days are ideal for B2C and B2B business owners. I’ve worked with everyone from graphic designers, to coaches, to photographers, to nutritionists, to psychics, to estheticians and product makers.

How are VIP sessions different from Sales School?

Sales School is a beginner-level group training program. On VIP days, you get my undivided attention, my most advanced sales training, totally tailored-to-you tactics, personalized strategizing, and customized scripts. This is a 1:1 intensive experience that goes way beyond the fundamental Authentic Selling™ principles and methods that you’ll find in Sales School.

How many VIP spots are you offering per month?

Right now, because my availability is limited for 1:1 coaching, I’m only planning on opening up ONE spot per month. Once the spot’s gone, that’s it. So if you’re interested in working together, it’s best to book in advance.

Can you remind me of the payment plans?

VIP days are one payment of $7500 or a down payment of $2500 to hold the spot and the remainder due 14 days before the VIP day. 

Will you ever offer full day virtual VIP days?

Probably not. Because these intensive sessions take a lot of mental energy, Skype can be too draining, and I only want to show up as my best for you. In-person VIP days inspire buzz and excitement, and it’s really effortless for me to keep the momentum going, which is why I offer full days in my hometown.

Do in-person VIP sessions include travel and accommodations?

No, but I’m happy to chat ahead of your arrival to give you my fave recommendations on where to sleep, eat and play while you’re in town.

I want to book a VIP day, what’s next?

VIP days are by application only, so I can ensure you’re a good fit for this experience, you’re ready for it, and you’re not going to be wasting your investment. Apply now, and I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the details in more depth before booking your session!

Ok, but I’m still not 100% sure if a VIP day is right for me.

Bottom line — I’d never want you to make a purchase you’re not confident about. Which is why I’m happy to hop on the phone to make sure this is the right choice for you and your business. You can email me here to get your Qs answered, or make an appointment through my lovely assistant: