Meet some of the extraordinary women that completed the training to become the only Certified Authentic Selling™ Instructors in the world, committed to helping you create results, revenue, and raving fans.

Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison

Business Consultant + Founder of Good Businesses Do Good™

Adrienne Dorison is a Business Consultant, podcast host and founder of Good Businesses Do Good™, who helps entrepreneurs double their businesses in half the time by getting them more focused, more strategic, and more profitable.

Adrienne believes that good businesses can change the world and is focused on creating a movement of ‘give-back’ business models and initiatives that rapidly improve the growing potential impact of entrepreneurship. Her Earn More to Give More™ process combines earning potential, giving-back, and business performance improvement to create lasting motivation, fast growth, and true meaning.

Adrienne has built and grown a business that has not only grown lighting-fast {420% in year 2}, but also has been focused on giving back since day one with 10%+ of revenue going to for-purpose causes. She’s a LEAN Six Sigma + SCRUM business expert who recently paid off $48,000 in student debt in just 6 months flat, she loves dogs, cookies, CrossFit, and long-distance triathlons.

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Monika Villarreal

Monika Villarreal

Business & Success Coach

Monika Villarreal empowers women to get out of their own way and build their dreams of helping others. As a Certified Life Coach and Authentic Selling™ Instructor, Monika’s strength is bringing out the uniqueness of each woman by uncovering crippling mindset blocks, deconstructing limiting belief systems, and freeing her clients to pursue limitless potential within themselves.

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